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About Us

Nelson, McPherson, Summers & Santos has been a mainstay of the Shenandoah Valley for over 50 years, the vast of majority of which have been at its current location of 12 North New Street, in downtown Staunton. The firm's origins trace back to 1956, when the late Thomas R. "Cap" Nelson, who commenced the practice of law in the 1920s, formed a partnership with Frank L. Summers, Jr. In 1958 Richard F. McPherson joined the firm, then known as Nelson, McPherson & Summers. Several years later the firm moved its offices to its present location. Victor M. Santos began practice with the firm in 1976, and thereafter it became the law firm of Nelson, McPherson, Summers & Santos.




Throughout its long history, Nelson, McPherson, Summers & Santos has helped thousands of clients achieve their legal objectives through a strategy of professionalism and competence. We represent clients in a wide variety of legal matters, including divorce, custody, visitation, support, adoption, civil litigation, bankruptcy, worker's compensation, business matters, wills and estate administration, insurance, criminal defense and real estate. We endeavor to respond promptly to questions and concerns from our clients, and to provide the kind of representation and advice that will make you proud to call us "my law firm." If you would like to meet with an attorney in the firm, please contact us at (540) 885-0346, or e-mail us at


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planning, estate  administration, criminal defense including felony cases and misdemeanor cases, DUI, DWI, driving under the influence, driving while          intoxicated, assault and battery, drug cases, traffic including speeding, bankruptcy, workers compensation and othere areas of  law.  Perhaps an attorney with our firm can help you.  Please fee free to contact us at (540) 885-0346.